Applicant Tracking

Power your career page with IntelliHire to save time and money. Your branded career site will allow you to centralize and standardize your recruiting process. Candidates will experience a modern interface when viewing and applying to your job openings. You will be able to store, review, and select candidate information from one easy to use interface.

Always Be Sourcing

IntelliHire believes that you should always be sourcing the best talent and that you shouldn't have to pay a premium to do so. With our one-click job posting to leading job boards, our built-in social media integration, and our powerful automation tools you can continuously source candidates with a small time investment. When you prepare for your next hire you will already have a highly qualified pool of candidates.

Candidate Screening

IntelliHire will empower you to find the best candidates fast. With the 'traditional' hiring model you have to review many candidates that are not compatible or qualified. With our modern screening system you will eliminate unqualified candidates without having to manually review their application or resume. The days of reading a hundred resumes or more and hoping you pick the right candidates to interview are over!

Automated Interviews

We don't think that you should have to spend days interviewing candidates in person to find the best candidate. Our interviewing system allows you to write comprehensive interviews that offer automatic scoring, team-based scoring, and simple review tools. With advanced logic options and the ability to upload images or video you can really test a candidate's skills and ability to think on their feet. You will only need to schedule telephone or face-to-face interviews once you are very confident that the candidate will be a great fit.

Real-time Analytics

Our analytic tools will let you know which jobs our receiving the most hits and applications from a high-level view. You will see which job boards and recruiting sources are sending you the best candidates so you can most efficiently post your jobs. You should always know how to maximize your value when sourcing candidates, and with IntelliHire you will.

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